Royall Digital and Emily Bauer

Royall Digital is producing a series of short videos featuring Emily Bauer. (Managing Director of Program Marketing at Royall & Company) The goal is to have Provosts and other university administration types trust Emily and look to her as a thought leader.

The logo was designed by Sarah Ostrander and I was tasked with animating the opening titles and closing bumper. My first approach was to focus on the beautiful square in Sarah's logo and go the full Mondrian. However after lots of sketches and a couple hours in After Effects, I realized the Mondrian approach makes good eye trace quite difficult. I couldn't get all those opposing angles to guide the viewers eyes where I wanted them to go.

In the next approach I took my inspiration from Weekend Update. After a few loose sketches, and some testing in After Effects I had finally cracked the code. Eye trace achieved!

The final video is on hold, thus I give you the below condensed version.  (Most of the actual content has been cut out.)